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איומים על הקהילה היהודית – מברק מן המושל הכללי לממונה(פריפקט) של קונסטנטין







Folder Number:

AEP_B3_248_002 to AEP_B3_248_004


The telegram informs of threats against the Jewish community and asks to take protective measures.

Approximate deciphering:

Officine de Mustapha – 12h10 – Governor General (GVR GAL) to Prefect of Constantine – Urgent

The Minister of the Interior communicates to me the following despatch addressed to him and to the keeper of the seals by MM. Levy – lawyer – and Narboni on behalf of a committee of Constantine.

On the 27th of this month, the Jewish population of Constantine was deeply alarmed by the violent and incessant attacks of the Republican and Silhouette newspapers.

Resulting – Judgments Cassation in their favor

I’m coming to signal their incitements for the municipal elections

Silhouette – April 26 – says you murder children whose blood serves to knead the patties you eat certain dates and we will unleash on you an indignant and republican population.

April 28 – Say you already have your arrangements the vote takes place at the theater – So let’s start at half past seven in the place of the crib and let’s finish once again with this handful of Judaisants who claim to rule the country by and for the Jews. To the enemy – Sus Jews and Judaisants.

French – Train your battalions etc and now approach with your 750 Jews provisionally registered on the electoral lists, the 3500 French will make you Jews and Judaisants definitely bite the dust.

In the presence of such provocations to civil wars that may have terrible effects, we respectfully urge you to intervene to prevent their renewal and to order measures to ensure the tranquility of the street and the security of the Israeli electors for the purpose on May 03
Signatures Levy, Narbonni.

Please use all your authority to calm the spirits and to prevent, if possible, those abominable excitations which in case of disorder would entail the responsibility of their authors.

Help us to take all necessary police measures for any kind of trouble and do you hear with the military authority about it. Exaggerate if necessary these precautions. It is important that the freedom of the ballot and the security of all voters and the order of the street be assured.

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