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Attitude of the indigenous people in Aflou, Algeria


אפלו, טיארת, מוסטאגאנם


Indigenous, אנטישמיות, יהודים, קולוניאליזם


הג'נדריה הלאומית – צרפת


Aix-en-Provence Archives, Document 9H36, P.0013 (copy of p.0008, doc.9h36, a.e.p. Archive), Ben-Zvi Institute.

Tiaret (Algeria), 23.04.1936: Report from the Chief of Gendarmerie in Aflou, M. Dutheil, to the Chief of the Gendarmerie of Algeria, to the Head of the 6th Company, to the Vice Prefect of Mostaganem (Algeria), and to the Attorney General of Tiaret. Attached with another report, see p.0007, doc.9h36, A.e.P. archives.
Tension between Jews and Muslims in Aflou. Call to murder Jews.
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