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A report on the living conditions at the Foreign Workers’ Camp #9 at Camp Im-Fout


DR. Wyss-Dunan


אבטלה, אזרח, אזרחות, אספקה, בית חולים, גירוש, המערכה בצפון אפריקה, מחנה עבודה, מחנות, מחסור, פליטים, שבוי מלחמה


הצלב האדום, ועד הידידים האמריקאי (קוויקרים)


American Friends Service Committee 

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A detailed report on the living conditions at the Foreign Workers' Camp #9 at Camp Im-Fout
The report was written by Dr. Wyss-Dunant for the Red Cross after he visited the camp on July 16, 1942. The report includes information on the living conditions: number of internees, food, hygiene, medical services and clothing. The report also includes information on other aspect of daily life such as education and cultural services and postal services.
American Friends Service Committee  – afsc_01_15_18, afsc_01_15_19

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