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Letter from the Administrator of Khenchela (Algeria) to the Vice Prefect of Batna (Algeria)


בטנה, ח'נשלה, פאריס, קונסטנטין


ד"ר בנג'לול


Indigenous, חרם, יהודים, פיקוח מדיני על הילידים, קולוניאליזם


Aix-en-Provence archive, document n. 9H53, p.1624-1625, Ben-Zvi Institute.

Khenchela (Algeria), 20.08.1934: Report from the administrator of Khenchela (Algeria) to the vice prefect of Batna (Algeria).
Follow-up on suspicious fundraising events in the village of Edgar Quinet near Batna, Algeria. 
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