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Division commander’s report on Guelma’s (Algeria) incidents


גלמה, עין בידה, קונסטנטין


Indigenous, אזרח, אנטישמיות, יהודים, פריפקט (מוֹשֵׁל מָחוֹז), קולוניאליזם


הרובאים האלג'יריים, נציבות מחוז


Aix-en-Provence Archive, Document 9H53, p.1546, Ben-Zvi Institute.Constantine (Algeria), no dated – estimated date: August 1934.Report by the division commander Kiefer, commander of Constantine administrative division, to the prefect of Constantine. The report refutes the incitement and the calls for uprising (sedition) attributed to the Algerian soldiers in Guelma, Algeria. Nevertheless, it confirms the anti-semitic slogan by a local citizen.You can watch the item at The Documentation Center. Please contact us 

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