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Gladis and Alfenso Tzeva


טנג'יר, קזבלנקה


אומנות, הפצצה, מחנות



His grandfather was one of the first Jews to recive Spanish citizenship after it was allowed by the sultan.  His father had a business to import Wheat from the U.S and
There was no consciousness of Religious and secular they were in the middle. After he had to go a surgery he started to follow Jewish dietary laws and attending Shabbat prayers more often than before.
   His father was a Zaionist activist.
He studied at a Jewish school in Paris 
Her father is descended from a fames rabbinical family. he was Jewish in his home and Englishman outside. He moved to tangier due to business.
her mother had Italian in Origen ­­­
Tells about her life as a child, moving to Casablanca.
He had respect to Jewish religion, and the followed dietary laws but also went to the French school on Shabbat
Tension between her being Jewish and the desire to be like her French friends.
Also talks about Shabbat and holydays
Lived in a non Jewish western neighborhood
As a couple
There first son was born as the war broke out in north Africa, they lived at elfenso mother home because she had a secure room.
talk about the war and the difficulties they had to go through
Life in camps
Anti-Semitism and activities against it.
Arrival of the allies
yad vashem VT9218  

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