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Oral interview with Mordechai Cohen




הפצצה, ציונות


כל ישראל חברים


The Germans in
Tunisia. Conditions in the Jewish labor camps. The increase in Zionist activities after the defeat of the Germans. Member of several Zionist movements. Hebrew studies and cultural activities. Coordinator of Hebrew lessons. German invasion to Tunisia, 1942. Jews being captured with help of French police. Forced labor. Little influence of discriminatory Vichy Laws. No pogroms. Cessation of all cultural activities. Public committee organized to handle matters concerning forced labor. Community council, representative of Jews before German authorities. Four months of forced labor. No abuse, vacations once a week, self suppression of occasional attempts of rebellion. Germans withdrawing suddenly two months before arrival of the Allies, before having a chance to build death camp. Organized revival of Zionist and religious Jewish activity. Relations between youth movements. Short term publication of newspaper "Hayenu". Vice chairman of Zionist Federation and secretary of General Zionist Federation, that renewed their activities after the war. In charge of immigration affairs, 1952-1957. Immigration to israel
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