The Jews of the Middle East in the Shadow of the Holocaust - 2016


Since the rise of Hitler and Nazism in Germany on September 1933, their policy towards the Jews had stark waves, both around the Jewish and non-Jewish world.

The International conference 'The Jews of the Middle East in the Shadow of the Holocaust' shed new light and understanding on the complex relations between Muslim majority and Jews in Muslim Country in the Middle East. Focusing on this topic is critical to understand the relation between Muslims and Jews during the war and the years that follow.

The conference focuses on Nazi Germany approaches towards Islam and Muslims, the fate of Jews from Muslim countries living in Europe, Jewish-Muslims relations and Jewish and Muslims response to the events in Europe



Session 1Backgrounds    

Norman Stillman, University of Oklahoma
Touched by the Winds of War - Middle Eastern Jewry during World War II 


Stefan Petke, Technical University, Berlin
Racially Degenerated or Natural Allies? Nazi Germany's Changing Perceptions of the Middle East

  Franck F. Salameh, Boston College 
Lebanese Jews between Rootedness and Exile; Braving World War II, the Holocaust, and their Aftermath

Izzet Bahar, Independent Scholar 
Turkish Jews in France during WWII and a Curious American Ambassador in Ankara: Laurence A. Steinhardt



Session 2: Images of Jews    
Denisa Nestakovova Comenius University in Bratislava
The Image of the Jews on Pages of 'Die Warte des Tempels' in Mandatory Palestine
  Joel Kotek, ULB & Sces Po Paris 
Zionism and Palestine in Nazi Caricature (1933-1944
Edy Cohen, Bar Ilan University 
Radio Berlin in Arabic: the First Nazi Radio in Arabic
Session 3: Jewish Experiences of Persecution    
Jacqueline Semha Gmach, USC Shoah Foundation, The Institute
for Visual History and Education Four Iraqi Jews' Testimonies - Their Life Stories prior, during and after World War II

Orly Rahimiyan, Ben-Zvi Institute
'Iran's children' in the Shadow of World War II

Session 4: Responses of Jewish Communities to the Persecution in Europe    
Guy Bracha, Bar-Ilan University, Ramat Gan 
How to translate 'Ghetto' into Arabic? – The Coverage of the Holocaust in a Lebanese Jewish Newspaper











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