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Minutes of the British Foreign Office re: Polish Invalids (Former Soldiers) in Italy, Pensions, Treatment, 4.6.1948




איטליה, פולין, רומא


Sir V. Mallet


משרד החוץ הבריטי

שם ארכיון:

National UK Archives

Folder Number:

FO 371_71552_025-026


Minutes from a meeting of the British Foreign Office regarding a telegram from Sir V. Mallet in Rome about interviews conducted with Polish invalids (former soldiers) staying in Italy. Internal reference number for the telegram from Rome: W5385 (telegram number 803, sent and received May 24, 1948) (see the telegram as reproduced for departmental distribution in document FO 371_71552_027, here, as well as the Office’s response in documents FO_371_71552_028-029, here). Registry number: N6105/130/55.

Three categories of invalids are described: those capable of supporting themselves (and willing to) if pensioners; tuberculosis patients who would need an extra grant for treatment; and five bedridden tubercolorsis patients who cannot be moved but would be treated (by [Graham?]) with an extra grant provided.

Approximately half of the invalids would prefer to remain in Italy, including five tuberculosis patients who cannot be moved. The minutes discuss pensions in more detail. A Mrs. Evans is mentioned, seemingly connected to the matter of pensions, which will “include supplementary allowances if individual case warrants it.”

2 pages handwritten. Dated May 22, May 25, and June 4, 1948.

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