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“Well-poisoning Without End” 14.05.1935




Ernst Reibstein, General Féraud


“Deutsche diplomatisch-politische Korrespondenz” (journal), Algiers, French Morocco, Spanish Africa


“El Debate” (newspaper), French Senate, Pan-Islamic movement

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Three-page article, edited by Ernst Reibstein, criticizing accusations against Germany that they secretly support the pan-Islamic revolutionary movement in French African colonies. The author suggests that the native Muslim movement is able to gather support among the population because of their dissatisfaction with the colonial government, and that France has problems as any other colonial power, which they try to blame on the Germans. According to the article the real reasons underlying anti-German agitation can only be commercial interests, as French companies perceive Germany as an economic rival in Morocco. The author adds that malignant journalists also want to spoil Germany’s reputation in Spain. As, in his view, an anti-German economic policy does not benefit either the French or the Spanish government, there must be others who intentionally promote anti-German sentiment – presumably Jewish businessmen, as it is also implied by the expression “well-poisoning” which alludes to an anti-Semitic cliché. 

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